Bob Dylan Play a Private Concert for One Lucky Fan

On November 23rd, Bob Dylan played a live concert for one awed fan. As Rolling Stone described it, “Fredrik Wikingsson walked into Philadelphia’s Academy of Music, took a seat in the [sixth] row and prepared to watch his hero play a concert just for him.” “At this point,” Wikingsson said, “I still thought I was about to get Punk’d.” “I thought some asshole would walk onstage and just laugh at me. I just couldn’t fathom that Dylan would actually do this.”

But it wasn’t a joke. Dylan treated the superfan to a personal concert, playing covers of songs from the early days of American rock n roll. And it was all filmed for a Swedish TV series called Experiment Ensam (Experiment Alone), where individuals take part, alone, in activities usually meant for groups. The video of the experimental concert went online yesterday. You can watch it above.

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