tRibUte TO beaT GeNeraTion

Back of Beat Generation is a tribute to the beatnik movement released first time in 2010. The track seven has been only on dogmazic as a ghost track. The track eight has been only a private track for Parrhesia (except for the lucky ones who use the peer to peer software soulseek)… but she may have ever wanted it be share with everyone so now it’s done. It involve the poetry and the voice of various poets like :
William S Burroughs, Bryon Gysin, Charles Bukowski, Alan Watts, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kathy Acker…
Thanks to them for free the poetry. The language is a relevant weapon for struggle against the system.

Post Scriptum : thanks to George Ivanovich Gurdjieff for his help..


Literary History of the Beat Generation, Class #13, taught by Allen Ginsberg. Topics covered: Kerouac’s sketching in „Book of Dreams” and „Visions of Cody.”

This double album „best of” is a selection of songs more or less related to the Beat Generation. In any case made in the spirit of the electronic revolution of William S Burroughs. Poems by Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, Bob Kaufman, Timothy Leary, Terrence Mc Kenna, Alan Watts, Brion Gysin, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kathy Acker… Updated with 3 new tracks. And soon 4 more from poems by Lenore Kandel, Aldous Huxley, Kenneth Patchen, Allen Ginsberg.

On the road: The Jack Kerouac conference, Sam Charters lecture, Jack and jazz, July, 1982.

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