Voci descoperite: Stefanie

Just a woman with a Fender Strat, living in Austin, Tx. I am a self-taught guitar player. I have been playing for 10 years. As a singer/songwriter, the last few years I have started to compose and record. My style ranges from every genre.Musical influences include (but not limited to)

Pink Floyd The Cure Yes U2 Enya

If your music is similiar to these bands, I would love to check you out. Please leave a comment, with your URL. Stefanie

Artists I enjoy here at IUMA:

http://jameskisamore.iuma.com an excellent composition of music masterpeices written when James lived in Israel

http://ludlow.iuma.com thought provoking, great sound, excellent lyrics

http://michaeljones.iuma.com classical music, tastefully done, well written.

http://Delillah.iuma.com rocks – excellent guitars, and lyrics, heavy rock

http://SteveOno.iuma.com this man knows jazz, it’s awesome

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