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Oh Lord, North Korea – Harmless creatures in the camps of death (2014)

I dedicate these songs to the harmless creatures who have to live a life of suffering beyond belief in the horrible death camps of North Korea, day after day. Their persecution is going on already for more than 60 years!!

I pray that these songs will help you come a little closer to these gentle men, women, and children that suffer immensely in these horrible NAZI-like prison camps.(more help available on my Feel It, Get Informed and Pray & Act pages)

And I also hope that somehow the songs may be of some encouragement to all good people involved in helping these poor people of North Korea in any way, maybe even for a long long time now, sometimes with many sacrifices made.

That one way or another these songs may help to be a blessing for these poor creatures of North Korea whose lives seem to have no meaning, and for whom their time left on this earth might not be enough to heal what has been damaged so grossly.

May God’s healing arm be with these suffering creatures, and with the ones that feel their burden weigh heavy on their hearts.

– David K.

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Liberty and Radio song in North Korea


Liberty in North Korea :

Radio Song


North Korea ranks 179 of 180 on the World Press Freedom Index, which shows the negative impact of conflict and abusive interpretations of national security on freedom of information. The index’s lowest ranking countries – Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea – “continue to be news and information black holes and living hells for the journalists who inhabit them.” North Korea is also among 10 countries to receive the worst possible rating in all categories in Freedom in the World, the oldest and most authoritative report of democracy and human rights. When free access to information is banned and harsh punishments are meted out against citizens who access foreign media, breaking free from government propaganda requires an innovative approach.

Radios are allowed in North Korea, but only those that are tuned to the government propaganda stations. It is illegal to own a tunable radio. The regime prioritizes its survival over all else, employing a brutally repressive system of control to deny the basic rights of free speech, free movement, and freedom of information. Extreme measures are employed to ensure compliance, including public executions, torture, political prison camps and collective punishment. But the people are breaking away from regime and transforming North Korea from the bottom up, using unofficial markets to obtain goods outside the government’s control and learning new perspectives and possibilities.

homemade radioFor those who live away from the border regions, a homemade radio replaces smuggled Chinese models. Underground radio-makers are taking an enormous risk to break through the government ideology, as simply listening to foreign radio is a crime against the state.

NK News obtained a homemade radio smuggled into South Korea by North Korean defectors, who purchased it in 2009. While old-fashioned in appearance, the device is simple to turn on and operate. It does have its limitations: it must be connected to an external signal amplifier to catch a strong signal, and the lack of a display screen makes finding channels an exercise in patience and dexterity. However, it is capable of intercepting broadcasts from across Asia.